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Our location was purpose built as an abrasive blasting and coatings facility with that design in mind. The streamlined and  environmental conditioned paint booths are custom designed for the coating industry. We are situated on 5 acres on packed and graveled yard allowing for ample room for loading and offloading plus moving our clients assets. This room allows us the freedom of moving  equipment, pipe and structural steel around without the dangers of congestion.



Our main shop houses 2 X 100 by 25 foot paint bays plus a 75 foot by 25 foot maintenance and prep bay. Our paint bays are equipped with   humidity and heat controlled air make up systems with a built in cure system. No matter the weather or conditions we can create the perfect climate for the product we are spraying, ensuring we always produce the finest quality of product every time. 

Adjoining our paint bays we also have a paint storage room and mixing room, all contained within the building, ensuring products are kept at optimum temperature with no risk of freezing or spoiling.



Iron Coatings has a covered and lit blast area covering 5500 square feet. Our pots are powered by a 1600 CFM rotary screw air compressor, providing maximum pressure to increase production. Our blast pots are direct fed from a 40 Ton overhead silo, which is both covered and heated to ensure continued work during bad weather conditions. 

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