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Over our years of servicing the oil & gas sector we have blasted a diverse variety of equipment, structures and piping. With our strict adherent to specifications we are sure our product is of the highest quality, ensuring longevity of the coating product.

We are fully equipped to handle any blasting project, we have a 80 x 60 foot lit blasting tent. several 375 and 425 CFM air compressors with blast pots and hoses, plus a 40 tonne blast media silo with direct feed to the blast pots. We also have many racks and dolly's to move projects around lessening the handling of your equipment or steel.

External Coatings

At Iron Coatings we have used and are familiar with a vast collection of different coatings solutions ranging from high end true polyurethanes, high build epoxies and enamels, as well as linings.

Our facility includes 2 100 x 25 foot paint bays. Our bays are equipped with positive flow air make up systems as well as climate control cure systems. We can independently create the ideal climate for the product we are spraying without relying on weather conditions. Our cure systems allow us to speed up turn around times without the use of catalysts and altering / weakening the product we are applying.

Over of years of operation and our many years of experience in the industry, we have used a wide variety of paint products from all of the major paint suppliers.

Our equipment and our knowledge allows us to undertake any painting project with whatever spec the customer requires, resulting in a quality product every time. We are certain we can complete your coatings needs.

Internal Coatings & Linings

The team at Iron Coatings have lined and internally coated a diverse range of tanks, inverts, vessels and pipe spools. We continue to upgrade and enhance our equipment and methods so that we are always creating the best quality end product.

We have at our disposal multi sizes of internal spin blaster and carriage attachments that integrate into our blasting equipment meaning we can internally blast all spool sizes to a clean white blast finish. Our Clemco SpinKote internal coating tools provide a clean and uniform coating for all spool diameters, plus Graco 56:1 king pumps for the larger vessels, tank and inverts. 

We have a rigorous quality control program with our in house testing equipment, each and every item that leaves our shop meets the requirements of the product and specification.

Oilfield Service Equipment & Structural Facilities Coating

We provide sandblasting and coatings solutions to a wide range of the oil & gas sector. We coat everything from service equipment to large scale oil and gas plants. We have over the last several years undertaken several complete plant packages totalling over 15km of pipe spools as well as Modular structural steel to house the spools.

Iron Coatings has coated thousands of pieces of oilfield equipment over the years, we have always put quality of our product above anything else. We pride ourselves on being known for the highest quality of work and have seen our customers returning again and again. We specialize in applying high quality true polyurethane colours and metallic to all size and shapes of oilfield equipment from complete rigs to pipe tubs.

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Here's some of what we do

  • Pipe Spools
  • Structural Steel
  • Platforms & Walkways
  • Trailers & Hauling Equipment
  • Storage Tanks
  • Skidded & Trailer Mounted
  • Pressure Vessels
  • Buildings & Skids
  • Drilling Rigs & Equipment
  • Tracked Equipment
  • Flare Stacks
  • Enviro & Disposal Bins
  • Seacans
  • Shale and Containment Bins

We can handle almost any job, large or small. Call or email us today for a quote on your coating needs.