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At Iron Coatings we have used and are familiar with a vast collection of different coatings solutions ranging from high end true polyurethanes, high build epoxies and enamels, as well as linings.

Our facility includes 2 100 x 25 foot paint bays. Our bays are equipped with positive flow air make up systems as well as climate control cure systems. We can independently create the ideal climate for the product we are spraying without relying on weather conditions. Our cure systems allow us to speed up turn around times without the use of catalysts and altering / weakening the product we are applying.

Over our years of operation and our many years of experience in the industry, we have used a wide variety of paint products from all of the major paint suppliers. Our coatings application technicians are continually expanding their education and knowledge base in order to provide the best possible coating application.

Iron Coatings has in depth knowledge and experience with all degrees of provided coating specifications. We specialize in facility piping and structural steel but can undertake any project you may have. Some of the products we most commonly apply are;


Polyurethane Enamels



100% Solids Products


Our equipment and our knowledge allows us to undertake any painting project with whatever spec the customer requires, resulting in a quality product every time. We are certain we can complete your coatings needs.



Iron Coatings has coated thousands of pieces of equipment over the years from all manner of industries, we have always put quality of our product above anything else. We pride ourselves on being known for the highest quality of work and have seen our customers returning again and again. We specialize in applying high quality true polyurethane colours and metallics to all size and shapes of equipment, from complete rigs to pipe tubs.

Below is just a small example of the types of assets we blast and paint

  • Pipe Spools
  • Structural Steel
  • Platforms & Walkways
  • Trailers & Hauling Equipment
  • Storage Tanks
  • Skidded & Trailer Mounted
  • Pressure Vessels
  • Buildings & Skids
  • Drilling Rigs & Equipment
  • Tracked Equipment
  • Flare Stacks
  • Enviro & Disposal Bins
  • Seacans
  • Shale and Containment Bin



We provide sandblasting and coatings solutions to a wide range of the oil & gas sector. We coat everything from service equipment to large scale oil and gas plants. We have over the last several years undertaken many complete plant packages totaling over 100km of pipe spools as well as Modular structural steel to house the spools.

Our facility coupled with our 5 acre laydown yard allows us to handle any size facility or plant project, we are able to accommodate over 30 loaded highboys at any given time. Our Loading team are specifically trained in the handling of pipe spools and large structural steel and mods.

Iron Coatings Portable units and crews have many years experience in the field coating of plants and facilities. During the install stage of piping and structural steel, damages or modifications occur as part of the process, our team ensure that the clients assets are repaired or completed to their specifications, using the correct methods and applications, therefore ensure the longevity of their assets.     



Our team will custom generate Inspection and Test Plans for every new project to ensure we provide everything our clients want from their coatings applications, ensuring their assets are protected the way they want them. Iron Coatings has created our own industry leading ITP Matrix, our matrix details the step by step process required for our clients to meet their specifications. 

At Iron Coatings Quality Control and Quality Assurance are our highest priority. We have in house NACE trained coatings inspectors that work hand in hand with all areas of our operation to ensure every aspect of the coating procedure is on point with the provided specification.

Our team utilizes the latest in technology and apps to keep all of our testing and documentation clean and well organized. Iron Coatings has custom created QCA, a cloud based Quality Control app to record and document all aspects of inspection on portable tablets or smart phones. All submitted reports are then reviewed for inconsistencies or deviations from the prescribed specification

Our top of the line Defelsko surface preparation and coatings inspection equipment is kept well maintained and continually certified. Our inspection team ensure our equipment is calibrated and providing accurate results.

Our surface preparation and coatings inspection equipment include;

Chlor Test

Defelsko Digital Soluble Salts Gauges with Magnetic Solution Discs

Defelsko Digital Profile Guage / Testex Tape & Mirometer / SSPC VIZ 1 Standards

Defelsko Digital Straigth and 90 Degree Ferrous / Non Ferrous Coating Film Thickness Gauges

65V Holiday Test Units

Defelsko Digital Hardness Gauges

Defelsko Digital Pull Adhesion Test Units


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