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The team at Iron Coatings have lined and internally coated a diverse range of tanks, inverts, vessels and pipe spools. We continue to upgrade and enhance our equipment and methods so that we are always creating the best quality end product.

We have a rigorous quality control program with our in house NACE trained inspectors, testing equipment, each and every item that leaves our shop meets the requirements of the product and specification. Our facility allows us to control the environment in which we apply specified products as well as a built in curing system to ensure even drying and proper cure.

Some of the equipment we internally coat and line are;

Pipe Spools



Invert Tanks

Iron Coatings is proud to provide internal coatings and linings to our clients. We have developed our own internal blasting and coating equipment, methods and procedures to ensure we always provide the end product our clients come to expect from us. Our team are constantly training from our senior technicians and from new industry practices and equipment. 



Iron Coatings is able to deliver, both in house and portable internally coated / lining services. Our team has at its disposal, the equipment and the knowledge & experience to apply liquid and 100% solids products. We are able to meet all specifications of lining scopes, our team has the dedication to quality and the attention to detail that is demanded when applying linings. 

At Iron Coatings Quality Control and Quality Assurance are our highest priority. We have in house NACE trained coatings inspectors that work hand in hand with all areas of our operation to ensure every aspect of the coating procedure is on point with the provided specification.

Our team utilizes the latest in technology and apps to keep all of our testing and documentation clean and well organized. Iron Coatings has custom created QCA, a cloud based Quality Control app to record and document all aspects of inspection on portable tablets or smart phones. All submitted reports are then reviewed for inconsistencies or deviations from the prescribed specification.


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