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Abrasive blasting is the industry standard of preparing surfaces in order to receive a coating application. Abrasive blasting, more commonly known as sandblasting, is the operation of forcibly propelling a stream of abrasive material against a surface under high pressure to smooth a rough surface, roughen a smooth surface, shape a surface or remove surface contaminants.

This method allows the blasting technician to remove surface contaminants, mill scale, rust and already applied coatings from the substrate, ensuring a new clean surface on which a new coating can be applied which then creates a mechanical bond with the substrate.

Our portable blasting services are generally required for but not limited to:

  • Graffiti Removal
  • Building / Concrete Restoration
  • Weld Inspections
  • Tank Repairs
  • Heater Tubes
  • Substrate Coating Preparation
  • Weld Connections
  • Pipeline Girth Welds
  • Pipeline Integrity Digs



Iron Coatings has coated thousands of pieces of equipment over the years from all manner of industries, we have always put quality of our product above anything else. We pride ourselves on being known for the highest quality of work and have seen our customers returning again and again. We specialize in applying high quality true polyurethane colours and metallics to all size and shapes of equipment, pipe facilities, structural steel and maintenance.

Our field division are diversely trained in the latest innovations, procedures and technologies, this allows our team to be both versatile and flexible to the requests of our clients and adjust to any modifications that arise. We will also adhere completely to the specification and scope of work provided to our team to ensure your assets are well protected in the manner our clients request. 

Below is just a small example of the types of assets we blast and paint

  • Concrete
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Platforms & Walkways
  • Trailers & Hauling Equipment
  • Storage Tanks
  • Skidded & Trailer Mounted
  • Pressure Vessels
  • Buildings & Skids
  • Tracked Equipment
  • Flare Stacks
  • Enviro & Disposal Bins
  • Seacans
  • Shale and Containment Bin
  • Pipe Spools & Facilities
  • Structural Steel



Iron Coatings is able to deliver, both in house and portable internally coated / lining services. Our team has at its disposal, the equipment and the knowledge & experience to apply liquid and 100% solids products. We are able to meet all specifications of lining scopes, our team has the dedication to quality and the attention to detail that is demanded when applying linings. 

At Iron Coatings Quality Control and Quality Assurance is our highest priority. We have in house NACE trained coatings inspectors that work hand in hand with all areas of our operation to ensure every aspect of the coating procedure is on point with the provided specification.

Our team utilizes the latest in technology and apps to keep all of our testing and documentation clean and well organized. Iron Coatings has custom created QCA, a cloud based Quality Control app to record and document all aspects of inspection on portable tablets or smart phones. All submitted reports are then reviewed for inconsistencies or deviations from the prescribed specification.




A girth weld coating is a protective fluid layer that is applied to the metal surface of two pipes that have been joined along their circumference during pipeline construction. These coatings are designed to prevent corrosion and are often produced in the form of an epoxy or polyurethane.

Welded components such as girth welds are susceptible to unique types of corrosion such as intergranular corrosion and crevice corrosion. Therefore, corresponding unique forms of corrosion prevention measures are performed to protect these welds. Such measures include the use of girth weld coatings, which are thicker than most coatings and are designed to withstand high temperatures. 

IRON Coatings Group & IRON CLAD Pipeline Division specializes in high end coatings specification applications, 100% plural component products and field coating of below grade wraps and epoxies.

Whether we spray or paint your pipeline at our shop or in the field, you can rest assured that your pipes will perform well for years to come. The types of pipeline coating we offer and apply depend on the setup and material of the structures we're addressing. Our goal is quality pipeline painting and coating no matter what. Our innovation allows us to take on large or small pipeline coating projects without difficulty. Our expert pipeline painting team has years of experience which allows them to evaluate your setup and determine the best route to coat and protect your pipeline. Whether that means an in-depth pipeline painting project or a simpler pipe coating touchup or girth weld. 

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