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Abrasive Blasting


Abrasive blasting is the industry standard of preparing surfaces in order to receive a coating application. This is achieved by propelling abrasive media under high pressure at the substrate, the media upon impact explodes, taking away substrate particles with it.

This method allows the blasting technician to remove surface contaminants, mill scale, rust and already applied coatings from the substrate, ensuring a new clean surface on which a new coating can be applied.

At IRON Coatings Group, we pride ourselves on the technical knowledge and training our Surface Preparation Technicians undergo when joining our team. This training format ensures we can meet the required specifications of our clients, no matter the difficulty, the first time every time. Culminating in expedited lead times and inspector and client reliability.

We are fully equipped to handle any blasting project, we have a 80 x 60 foot lit blasting tent. A 1600 CFM, 900 CFM plus several 425 CFM and 375 CFM air compressors with blast pots and hoses, plus 2 x 40 ton blast media silo with direct feed to the blast pots. We also have a large selection of custom made racks and dollys to move projects around lessening the handling of your equipment or steel. 

IRON Coatings Group also has several portable units within its fleet to undertake all projects in all locations. Our fully ticketed and professional staff will ensure all requirements are met at your location or in site situations.

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