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Sandblasting and Coatings Services

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A Little About Iron

      Re-established in 2012, Iron Coatings is a locally owned and operated company      located in Grande Prairie, Alberta. Our management team have over 30 Years experieince in the    coatings industry and have at one point or another painted about all there is to paint.

     Here at Iron Coatings we provide sandblasting and coatings solutions for a broad range of sectors in the Oil & Gas and Commercial industries. We pride ourselves on our dedication to quality, good turn around times and a fair price. With these principles we have seen our customers returning time and again and we have developed great working relationships in our industry.

Blasting & Surface Preparation

We are fully equipped to handle any blasting project, we have a 80 x 60 foot lit blasting tent. several 375 and 425 CFM air compressors with blast pots and hoses, plus a 40 tonne blast media silo with direct feed to the blast pots. We also have many racks and dolly's to move projects around lessening the handling of your equipment or steel.

External Coatings

Over of years of operation and our many years of experience in the industry, we have used a wide variety of paint products from all of the major paint suppliers.

Our equipment and our knowledge allows us to undertake any painting project with     whatever spec the customer requires, resulting in a quality product every time. We are certain we can complete your coatings needs.

Internal Coatings & Linings

The team at Iron Coatings have lined and internally coated a diverse range of tanks, inverts, vessels and pipe spools. We continue to upgrade and enhance our equipment and methods so that we are always creating the best quality end product.

We have a rigorous quality control program with our in house testing equipment, each and every item that leaves our shop meets the requirements of the product and specification.

Here's some of what we do

Pipe Spools
Structural Steel
Platforms & Walkways
Trailers & Hauling Equipment 
Storage Tanks
Skidded & Trailer Mounted
Pressure Vessels
Buildings & Skids
Drilling Rigs & Equipment
Tracked Equipment
Flare Stacks
Enviro & Disposal Bins
Shale and Containment Bins

We can handle almost any job, large or small. Call or email us today for a quote on your coating needs.

Teepee Creek Stampede Sponsorship

We are very proud to announce that this year we are sponsoring the Teepee Creek Stampede as an All Around Champion Sponsor. We are happy to be able to give back a little to our community. Updates to follow once the stampede kicks off!


What's new at Iron Coatings

Jet Boat - Toy Month Promo

From our Toy Month promotion we had a two seater jet boat from Mountain Goat Boats. The boat is name Annie Wilks from the movie Misery. Visit us again soon to see the latest Toy completed. 

First Promo Toy Month

We would like to announce that we are kicking off our first TOY MONTH painting service, we will paint your toys, trucks, cars, trailers plus more! Bring your toy down for a Quote! See full details below.

Internal Coatings of Pipe

We are happy to announce that Iron Coatings is now again offering internal coatings of Pipe, Vessels and Tank linings. We will configure our new equipment to meet whatever your needs may be. Please call or email for a quote! 

New Pricing

With the recent economic downturn many services are now being offered at a discounted rate. We have reduced our costs without compromising the quality or execution of our work, contact us for new quotes on your steel finishing needs.